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Back in Spain

Well master Andy has been away cooking on tour for 6 and a half weeks and is now glad to be back in sunny Spain. Though it is now very hot walks are still possible even though this means an early start.

We had a lovely day down the Rio walking up river for an Hour or so so and heading uphill to Frigiliana and doing a loop back towards Molineta for a nice cool drink at the local bar.

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Puerto Blanquillo

After all the weather lately we decided to take a gamble on Friday and take a walk up to Puerto Blanquillo, and it paid off!

The sun came out and we had a lovely day. Andy parked the jeep above Acebuchal and let me off the lead. I had a lovely run and due to the amazing amount of rain we have had lately the wild flowers were better than ever and the smell of Lemon Thyme and Rosemary was everywhere.

After roughly 3 and half hours of walking we reached the top of Puerto Blanquillo via the river bed where I was treated to wee Chicken sandwich. The view was outstanding with not a cloud in the sky. We returned to the Jeep via the Barranco Acebuchal and enjoyed a bowl of nice cold water at the small restaurante in Acebuchal.

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La Cuesta del Sordo

Wow what a day! Well we decided to decend into the Rio Higueron Valley today below Frigiliana and walk up the La cuesta del sordo (Deaf man’s ridge)between the Higueron and the Rio Chiller. We all expected wet paws due to the recent rains but none of expected to see the damage that has been caused. The lower path that follows the river bed has been well and truly battered by the water and looks completely different we ended up doing most of the first part of the walk following the higher path that follows the water channel because the lower path has completely gone in places.

Once we left the bottom of the valley and started the trek upwards the views were well worth the wet fur. A perfectly clear day offering total 360 degree views, we were even treated to a sight of two wild goats looked like a young one with its mother. I did give a little growl but thought better than to argue with a protective mummy.

After a stop for a wee couple of bikkies and a slug of water at the top we decended down the southside of the ridge where we joined the lower part of the river again. This time though there is no alternative path so lots of splashing and jumping was called for as we followed the river back up to our starting point.

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The Rains Stopped!

Phew! The rain has stopped! At least for a little while, we managed to get out today for few hours and the weather was perfect.  Had a great walk with the whole family above Acebuchal heading  in the direction of El Lucero and there was loads of puddles to drink from Bonus!!

We kept it fairly short as the weather is still changable and master Carrie was wearing new boots  ‘don’t understand it myself I go bear foot and have no problems’ We done about 4 hours and got back to the car as the sky was just getting black again. Hopefully we’ll start to get out more now. Paws Crossed!!

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